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Danilo Dy Tue, 02/05/2008 - 09:20

Hi Ali,

Typical setup is that route-reflector is connected to external domain while route-reflector-client is in the same domain with route-reflector but not connected to any external domain (no way of learning external routes by itself).

In the route-reflector router where you configured "neighbor route-reflector-client", execute "show ip bgp neighbor " and from the output you should see "route ref client: True".

The external route that route-reflector received should reflect to the route-reflector-client (no change on the next hop). So "show ip bgp" output from the route-reflector should be the same if not similar to the "show ip bgp" output from route-reflector-client for external learned routes of route-reflector.

The objective of route-reflector is to "reflect" the external learned routes to route-reflector-client




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