CTI silent monitoring problem

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Feb 6th, 2008
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We have IPCC system with two sites A & B and one call center located in site A.

The distance between the two sides is 13Km

Some agents logged in CTI server of site A and other logged to site B.

The problem is:

Supervisors can only monitor those agents who logged in the same CTI as that of the supervisor.

In other words, if the supervisor logged in site A and try to monitor agent who logged in side B, this error is raised (CTI warning):

"Client monitor session not started. The remote client is not responding.

Verify that remote client is running and has silent monitoring capabilities"

***See attached***

As temporary solution, we work around this problem, we used two supervisor desktops in different PC, one is logged to site A and the other to site B.

How can the supervisor monitor all agents regardless of what CTI server they are logged in?

In other words,

How can the supervisor monitor all the agents in one supervisor desktop?

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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Riccardo Bua Wed, 02/06/2008 - 02:52
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did you check the common list of causes?


Possible Cause

- The agent is logged on to a connection profile, which has Silent Monitor

disabled (See section about connection profiles in the Systems manager

guide) has the registry key “IPCCSilentMonitorEnabled” set to 0 (1

means enabled and is the default). Either change this key or use a

different connection profile.

- The client selected for monitoring does not have Silent Monitor installed

or does not support Silent Monitor (legacy client).

- The client is not available on the network. The client might have chosen

to abort the CTI OS client software and close the CTI OS Agent Desktop.

- On certain systems it is necessary to reboot after installing WinPCap,

which is installed with Silent Monitor option on the CTI OS Agent

Desktop. Please reboot and try again.

- The agent or supervisor is not running CTI OS Release 5.1 or later.

- On a Windows XP system, the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) must

be disabled in order for the agent PC to receive heartbeat packets. Check

to ensure that the ICF on the agent PC is disabled. See the following

Microsoft website for more information on how to check this setting and

how to disable the ICF:


See also this:

Access list on the router or the switch blocks the UDP port 8500

Firewall filters the UDP port 8500

Defect Ethernet (NIC) card

Ethernet (NIC) driver

There is a known driver issue for Intel Network Drivers to support silent monitoring. By

default, Intel adapters strip the VLAN tag before passing it up the stack. If you need to see the tag use one of these driver versions (or later):

PRO/100 6.x or 7.x base driver

PRO/1000 (plain 7.2.17 does not have this feature)

If none of this do, I would suggest providing a set of logs, network topology and hops involved config in a TAC SR.



Jeffrey268 Wed, 02/06/2008 - 06:49
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I am experiencing a similar issue, one location, monitoring not working after upgrading pc's. IPCC 4.0 but I receive no error messages. Would the above fixes work for 4.0 also?

Also, the recorded files are blank.

Thank you.


Riccardo Bua Wed, 02/06/2008 - 07:02
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  • Cisco Employee,

Hi Jeff,

the previous is for IPCCE.

For your system, most likely IPCCX I would suspect a switch config issue for the remote LAN or an issue with the network cards not providing 802.1 flags if you changed any HW resources.



Jeffrey268 Wed, 02/06/2008 - 07:07
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Yes we did switch HW, went from Lenovo to Dells. Any suggestions as to what settings I should be looking at to help resolve?

Or should I look at getting the old Lenovo NIC cards and install them in the Dells?

Thank you,



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