Aironet 1310 with integrated antenna outdoor placement

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Feb 6th, 2008

Hi Guys.

One of our offices may be moving in the future to a building facing ours. Im thinking of buying 2 1310 outdoor AP/bridge devices intergrated antennas along with the roof mount kits. The buildings are in perfect line of site and our approx 33 meters apart.

The issue is that both buildings are metal clad. Will this have any bearing to the radio connection between the devices ?

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Rob Huffman Wed, 02/06/2008 - 10:42

Hi Jason,

The Metal Cladding on the buildings should have no impact on the Bridge Signals. As you nicely noted, this is line of site :)

Hope this helps!


jasonblake7 Thu, 02/07/2008 - 01:50

thanks for the response Rob...

one further question rob... There maybe a need on the non root bridge side of the link to service some wireless clients. Can just this 1310 device be an AP or do I also have to enable the AP side of the Root bridge ? The root bridge side of the link will not need provide access for wireless clients.

IE non root bridge with wireless clients to root bridge

Rob Huffman Thu, 02/07/2008 - 05:59

Hi Jason,

You are most welcome my friend! Set the Non-Root with this config ***Non-Root Bridge with Wireless clients***;

Q. What devices can associate with a bridge?

A. Root Bridge:

Accepts associations and communications with non-root bridge devices and clients.

Does not communicate with other root bridge devices.

Communicates with multiple non-root bridge devices.

Non-Root Bridge:

Can associate and communicate with root devices or clients.

Does not communicate with other non-root devices, unless the other non-root devices communicates with the root bridge.

Note: Both the root bridge and the non-root bridge will service clients only if the role in the radio network Root Bridge with Wireless Clients or ***Non-Root Bridge with Wireless clients*** is supported by the bridge and is enabled.

Nice Step by Step;

Hope this helps!



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