5350/5400 calls hanging

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Feb 7th, 2008
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For some reason we have a few calls with active Telephony legs, but no H.323 call Legs. These accumulate over time and impact the number of calls the gateway can take. I 've attached a weekly call graph which shows the impact. At the moment the only way we've found clears this, is to reboot the 5350.

Lon-VoIP-R10#show call active voice brief | include dur

dur hh:mm:ss tx:<packets>/<bytes> rx:<packets>/<byt

last <buf event time>s dur:<Min>/<Max>s

dur 3w0d tx:146/12024 rx:407/9528

dur 2w6d tx:165/13584 rx:12/48

dur 2w4d tx:560/28256 rx:900/18000

dur 2w3d tx:1248/63000 rx:1689/33780

dur 1w6d tx:745/61440 rx:1340/31840

dur 1w2d tx:637/21948 rx:281/6744

dur 6w2d tx:1151/196220 rx:537/85920

dur 5w0d tx:337/17008 rx:6/240

dur 3w0d tx:860/29640 rx:478/11472

dur 2w0d tx:491/40476 rx:469/10936

dur 1w3d tx:512/25832 rx:682/11200

dur 6d17h tx:1074/183096 rx:550/88000

dur 3d18h tx:1635/56376 rx:1119/26856

dur 2d03h tx:1209/61032 rx:976/37744

dur 2d03h tx:419/34536 rx:944/22656

dur 1d00h tx:454/37416 rx:1754/41456

dur 01:18:49 tx:225/18552 rx:367/8488

dur 00:31:07 tx:62841/2166045 rx:53846/1291904

dur 00:31:07 tx:53846/1291904 rx:62841/1506597

Anyone can help with resolving this? Or setting a maximum call duration?


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