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Feb 7th, 2008
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We maintain information about the user, phone association and organizational unit (OU) in DC directory. We need to know total line count per OU, i.e 200 phones for division 1, 500 for div 2, etc.

I can get the phone list from AXL/SOAP or decicelistx (it is CCM 4.1). Both of them give me phone desc, MAC, extension, IP, etc., but I can't get the OU associated with that user. Is there a way to retrieve user's OU as well or do I need to pull it via LDAP against DC directory?

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stephan.steiner Mon, 02/18/2008 - 02:56
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The ou should be part of the response to getUser.

msabir Wed, 02/20/2008 - 14:13
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So if you maintain the OU in DC directory, does it replicate over to CCM database, and thus, available via getUser AXL API?


Why dont you use ldap connection?

Indeed, you can connect to the DC directory with an LDAP connector on the 8404 Port of the CCM.

I think it will be easier to search all this information with LDAP than AXL.

Try first with a browser like Softerra Ldap Browser (free) to test the connection

Hope it helps

Remy (France)

stephan.steiner Fri, 02/22/2008 - 00:46
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getUser (as well as addUser/updateUser) actually accesses the DC directory.

Direct ldap access is also possible though. There's just one consideration when choosing the technology: with CCM 5.0 and above there's no DC directory anymore so (although then you can send a sql request via AXL which is more efficient than getting users via AXL though).

So I guess unless you need seamless upgrade (only changing the URL and http to https) when upgrading CCMs, you're better off using ldap.

Keep in mind though, you will need a link between phones and users to make this work.. or if you use extension mobility, you need to look up the user device profiles associated with each user then look up the lines on those profiles (using an sql query via axl.. this translates almost 1:1 to versions 5.0+) to get the line numbers.


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