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Edison Ortiz Fri, 02/08/2008 - 12:49

Does it tell you to use Auto-RP, BSR or Static RP ?

It may be one of those CCIE type of questions where they want you to use Auto-RP on this scenario.

Auto-RP, by default, will choose the highest IP address between 2 devices (so in this case, it will choose R2). The workaround is selecting another interface with a lower IP in R2 so it can be considered a backup RP.

Please reply if that's the case.



Edison Ortiz Sat, 02/09/2008 - 13:20

Then do as I recommended, when mapping the groups make sure the send-rp-announce is referring to an interface with a lower IP address on R2 than R1.

Usually, you pick the loopback IP but that's not mandatory. You can pick any interface from the router.

A Sample Auto-RP configuration can be found here:





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