VTadvantage and NDIS

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Feb 12th, 2008


We have several problems with VT advantage. One of them is that some people install the program on their pc and when they start the program and the get a BSOD on their PC.

The BSOD has a message saying that there is a problem with NDIS. I have search for some differences on the pc that is working. We can see that their is a Local LAN network card on the pc that is working. The LAN card has a weird ip, when i look at the details i see that is a MS TV/Video connection in the description. Also i see here the Cisco CDP KMDF NDIS protocol driver. I think that this is the reason that it doesn't work on the other pc.

My question is how can i manual install this LAN connection. Cause i can't sell it to my customers that they must install the pc's with a fresh windows installation. This is solving the issue but I think there must be a workaround.

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lmackay Wed, 03/19/2008 - 17:18

We are running into a BSOD issue with some PC's running XP SP2 with VT advantage, crashing in ndis.sys.

Did you find a resolution to your problem?



S M85 Thu, 03/20/2008 - 05:19

yes, we have downloaded the latest drivers of the network card en deinstalled everything. Than we did a repair option (it is een option in the deinstallion part of VT advantage software). good luck!

lmackay Mon, 03/24/2008 - 13:25

The 2.1 series is the one causing us problems with XP installs. Vista with 2.1 is fine, as is 2.03 on XP


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