Resetting AIM CUE Module to Factory Defaults

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Feb 12th, 2008
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I have an AIM-CUE Module in my 2801 router. I can access the AIM-CUE Module just fine, but I need to reset the configuration to the factory defaults.

I have tried write erase and erase startup-config but to no avail.

I believe I need to be in Privileged EXEC Mode (#) for this to work, but the only problem is - I don't know what the enable password is set to on this module.

Is there anything I can do?

Any ideas would be great!


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Brandon Buffin Tue, 02/12/2008 - 13:58
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Try a blank enable password. Just hit enter when prompted for the password. Then enter the following commands:


(offline)#restore factory default

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.


jdcrowder Tue, 02/12/2008 - 14:03
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That fixed the enable password issue...

But restore factory default does not work.

If I do a restore ? I get;

id Enter the ID of the backup to restore

I don't have a backup configured for this CUE...

Brandon Buffin Wed, 02/13/2008 - 05:57
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Did you enter the "offline" command before trying the "restore factory default" command?


Brandon Buffin Wed, 02/13/2008 - 08:56
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So, you did



!!!WARNING!!!: If you are going offline to do a backup, it is recommended

that you save the current running configuration using the 'write' command,

prior to going to the offline state.

Putting the system offline will terminate all end user sessions.

Are you sure you want to go offline[n]? : y


And you cannot do "restore factory default" at this last prompt?


jdcrowder Wed, 02/13/2008 - 09:07
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Yeah - it asks me for a backup ID. It doesn't recognize "factory" after "restore".

I don't have access to the router right at the moment - but I'll paste the exact output of the command when I can.

Thanks for all your help.


jdcrowder Wed, 02/13/2008 - 12:29
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Here is the return I get from that command;

se-10-1-10-1(offline)# restore ?

id ID number of the backup

se-10-1-10-1(offline)# restore factory default

restore factory default


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

se-10-1-10-1(offline)# restore id ?

NNNN Integer number of the backup, see 'show backup server'

Brandon Buffin Wed, 02/13/2008 - 12:42
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What version of CUE? The "restore factory default" command was introduced in 2.1.


jdcrowder Wed, 02/13/2008 - 12:45
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It is 2.1.

Couldn't I just do like a write erase or something? Or does it not work like it does with a router?

Brandon Buffin Wed, 02/13/2008 - 12:57
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Did you try "write erase" or "erase startup-config" from enable mode?


jdcrowder Wed, 02/13/2008 - 12:58
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Not from enable mode, no.

I'll give that a shot and let you know how it goes...

Thanks again for all your help!


jdcrowder Wed, 02/13/2008 - 13:16
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Just tried both - no go.

After I do both of them, I do a show startup-config and it gives me nothing back. I'm assuming that it erased it. Then when I give the reload command it asks if I want to save the changes, and I say no and to continue.

If it works like a router does, it should come back with whats in the startup-config - which should be nothing.

And another strange thing - why the restore factory default command does not work while this is version 2.1.

It just boggles the mind.

Thank you again for your time and idea's.



Brandon Buffin Wed, 02/13/2008 - 13:21
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It might be worth trying to upgrade to a newer version of CUE and then restore to factory defaults. Sounds like things may not be exactly right with the current version anyway. Another option would be to reinstall the current version.


jdcrowder Wed, 02/13/2008 - 13:23
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Thanks, I'll give that a shot. It might not be until next week when I know if its gunna work or not.

I was planning on upgrading the thing any way. I just wanted to see if I could get it work right before I did.

Thanks for the help,



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