AP 1522 and WLC 4402 Issue

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Thanks for the reply.

I can see the request hit the controller.

I've attached what is been seen with a debug lwapp events enable.

I was seeing the request sometimes with a value of 03 instead of 00, with respect to the discovery method type (IE 58).

As noted, the 1242AG when connected to the network joined the controller instantly. It was on the same switch hwoever.

The 1522 is on a switch down stream, but I can from the port the 1522 is connected to, get an IP from the DHCP server. The DHCP server (diff subnet) shows an active reservation ( i set up reservations for them all).

I can also from this downstream switch get IP's in the vlan for the 1522 and WLAN controller. So I don't think its a lan/switching/vlan issue.

Its got me puzzled.

I'm about to raise a TAC on this also.

Appreciate your help!!




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