RAID choice for LMS3

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Joe Clarke Wed, 02/13/2008 - 09:20
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It depends on the number of drives you have (are willing to buy) as well as the amount of resiliency you want. In our lab, we have our main LMS server on two drive RAID 1. We don't need a lot of space, and having the mirror gives us full redundancy. On another, slower server, we do two drive RAID 0. On this server we'd rather have the extra performance rather than the resiliency.

If you have three drives, go with RAID 5. More than three, I like a mix of RAID 0 and 1 (rather than 5+0). With any solution, always keep a set of standby drives. I usually have two cold standbys per server handy at any given time.

your shop has 2500 devices? what, no SAN?

either way, disk is cheap.

my setup with local disk would be mirror the OS and app, and go with a RAID6 config across as many spindles as you can fit in the server chassis for data.

Supermicro has a 4U chassis that holds 24 SATA or SAS drives, things are built like a tank.

If my server folks didn't already dictate the platform for me, that's what I would be using in a distributed LMS v3 setup.


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