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Platform : C6506, 2xSUP720-3B, 122-33.SXH1

Linecards : SW-X6516(2),6516A(2).SSO on.

Command : show fabric

Resp : switching Mode = CROSSBAR for Mod 1,2,3,4,6- dCEF for mod 5 - Where can I find some explanations about CROSSBAR in 122SX ? I know crossbar for.. computers .

Furthermore I don t have dCEF hw-card ??

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Hi,thanks very much for the doc, my pb follows :

Ive 2 C6506(1edge-1campus)each has 2Sup720-3B

2 Eth-Gb-links (one Ipv4,one Ipv6),then end of Whitney1.O,122-33SXH+SSO running,OK.Then SXH1 installed on both.Now when I run SXH1 I get ONLY incoming streams(outside) AND no outcom.

from edge therefore no Internet access.In spite of the fact that eBGP peerings (between edge and NR)and iBGP between the 2 C6k are OK.

On edge Sup720 are HW 5.4,Fw 8.4(2).

On campus Slot5:Hw 5.3,Fw 8.5(1), Slot6 like above.Do you have any idea ? Thanks in advance




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