Wireless Management WLSE or WCS or WLC?

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Feb 14th, 2008


Well I have read the literature and am alittle confused. Someone please sshed some light. We have small budget to get some sort of Wireless managemant solution.

We have about 80 1200 series Autonomous Access points all over the

North America, Europe, South America and Australia. The largest office may have 5 Access points. We currently authenticate with ACS.

1) We want to provide Guest access with secure VLAN.

2) Control rogue units

3) Secure the system

I understand that WLSE was designed to manage autonomis systems but is it end of life?

I don't have the funds to deploy WLC.

Can I controll the current AP with WCS ?

(I know you have to convert them to LW)

I just don't want to use a WLC and have all the traffic goto central location and then back to the Branch office to access a local server. This would generate too much WAN traffic.

I look forward to all your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you.


I have this problem too.
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Scott Fella Fri, 02/15/2008 - 05:15

You can still use the WLC and configure the ap's to H-REAP mode. This way you can have the traffic locally switched and not have the traffic come back to the WLC. Since the largest office has 5 ap's, I think this would best solution for you. You can have authentication centrally switched (back to HQ) or locally switched if you have a local ACS. So you see where I'm getting at.... Get a WLC and a redundant WLC if required and upgrade one site at a time.....

Hope this helps.



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