Istvan_Rabai Sun, 02/17/2008 - 09:13

Hi Uzma,

If you use point-to-point subinterfaces, the inverse arp does not work. You should tell the subinterface which DLCI to use to reach the remote router on the other side of the Frame-relay cloud.

Just think it over:

Even if the physical interface gets the information about the ip address of the remote router and it knows on which circuit this info arrived in: How does the physical interface know, which subinterface will use that circuit?

It will only know if you tell him by configuring this command under subif config:

frame-relay interface-dlci xxx

But, as this is a point-to-point link, if the DLCI is configured, it is already not necessary to configure the remote ip address. The packets will arrive to the remote router on the appropriate circuit identified by the DLCI.




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