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Feb 18th, 2008
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Hi Friend,

1.We have 2 AVS and 1 management station . How to integrate AVS with the management station ?

2. We have setup like 2 6504-E ACE bundle configured two context in bridge mode and two VIP'S configured for

differenr application . The gateway of context 1 is ASA and the gateway of context 2 is sidewinder. In this

scenario how to configure AVS ?

3. how to configure AVS as failover ?

Thanks& regards


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Gilles Dufour Mon, 02/18/2008 - 01:10
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  • Cisco Employee,

1/ not sure what you are asking for here

2/ if you want to use the same AVS in 2 different contexts, be aware you will need to configure client nat using natpool.

Because the AVS needs to return the traffic to the appropriate context, and only using nating can you determine from which context the traffic came in

3/ if the question is how to have 1 AVS active and the other backup, simply configure 2 serverfarm. Each serverfarm will contain 1 AVS configured as an rserver.

Then configure 1 serverfarm as a backup serverfarm for the other one.


dinesh1977 Mon, 02/18/2008 - 01:27
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Thanks Gilles

my first question was ,we have two two AVS 3120 and one 3180 managemenbt station . How i can manage these two 3120 using 3180 ?



aslamta123 Tue, 02/19/2008 - 03:56
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Thanks for the help ...

still i have some doubt .

1. Iam using the VIP as for the first context and for the second context . For connecting the AVS's on ACE bundle can i use first AVS and -217/28 for second and then i need to do client nating ?

2. I have already done client nating ( For accessing VIP fro the rserver) ?

Sorry to bothering you ..



Gilles Dufour Tue, 02/19/2008 - 10:20
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  • Cisco Employee,

You don't need 2 ip addresses on the AVS.

You can chose one subnet or the other.

The problem is that you need to select a default gateway for the AVS.

If you put Ctx1, all traffic from Ctx2 will fail.

If you put Ctx2, all traffic from Ctx1 will fail.

The only solution is perform client on the ACE module using different natpool for each context.

This guarantees that AVS will respond to the appropriate context.



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