where is the configuration file of phones in TFTP server of ccm4.1?

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Feb 18th, 2008
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I'm trying to find the phone's configuration file and edit it but failed. I'm using ccm4.1. I setup my phone's tftp address to ccm's address and then setup phones in the ccm, Then phones can register up. but, now I tried to edit the configuration file in the tftp server(ccm) but cannot find it. where is it? I tried to search .xml file but no luck. I even cannot find lddefault.cfg file in the tftp server. And, I also tried to find a sample configuration file and failed too. Anybody help me?

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pcameron Tue, 02/19/2008 - 03:21
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  • Cisco Employee,

By default, the phone config files are created by reading the system database then caching them in system memory - they are not actually stored on the disk.

You can change this behaviour using the TFTP advanced service parameters (the 3 at the very bottom) - these are the settings that control whether the config files are stored in memory (default) or on the disk.

Be very careful about editing these files ...

If you want to read them directly, you can use the windows CLI detailed below -

C:\Documents and Settings\pcameron>tftp

Transfers files to and from a remote computer running the TFTP service.

TFTP [-i] host [GET | PUT] source [destination]

-i Specifies binary image transfer mode (also called

octet). In binary image mode the file is moved

literally, byte by byte. Use this mode when

transferring binary files.

host Specifies the local or remote host.

GET Transfers the file destination on the remote host to

the file source on the local host.

PUT Transfers the file source on the local host to

the file destination on the remote host.

source Specifies the file to transfer.

destination Specifies where to transfer the file.

hansyin Tue, 02/19/2008 - 22:45
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Hi, Thanks for your response.

I changed "Build CNF Files" to "Build All", changed "Enable Caching of Configuration Files" to "False". Then I can see some .cnf.xml configuration file in \program files\cisco\tftppath directory. Thanks.

But, those xml files seems not editable, I thought there should be some editable configuration files.

The reason I hope to check it is because one of my phone(7905) always try to contact and after bootup, finally it will contact right call manager ip(same as tftp server) and get registered. I don't know where I have some configuration to say contacting and


pcameron Wed, 02/20/2008 - 05:16
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  • Cisco Employee,

You can't edit these config files. The phone may have some old configs - normally you have a list of 3 CCM's , although the option 150 tftp address should overide these as it points to the IP address of the TFTP server.

You could try the following procedure to reset the phone to factory defualts -

For the CP-7905 please try these:

Step 1 Press the Menu button.

Step 2 Use the Navigation button to select Settings, and then press the

Select softkey.

Step 3 Use the Navigation button to select Network Configuration, and then

press the Select softkey.

Step 4 Perform either of these procedures:

Procedure A:

-Press **2. The phone displays "Do you want to reset all system settings to

default values?"

-Press the Yes softkey.

Procedure B:

-Press **#. If your phone displays "Enter Admin Password," enter your

password and then press the Enter softkey. Make sure that an unlocked

padlock icon appears in the upper-right corner of your LCD.

-Scroll to Erase Configuration.

-Press the Yes softkey and then press the Save softkey.

The phone should cycle through normal startup procedures.


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