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Guys I have a real silly question.. I have some inbound dialpeers from the telco and there are set as voip dialpeers however I can also set them as pots dial peers. I have been doing this along time but I amwondering when to use pots vs voip dial peers. I have never had issues untill now and I cant seem to get a strainght answer. They are pri's or t1's...

I know this is a silly qiestion but it is confusing

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Avner Izhar Wed, 02/20/2008 - 22:30
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Telco interfaces are pots, you need to point to the voice port which is associated with the pri using the port command.

pots = circuit switched

voip = packet switched

HTH, Avner.

Thank you that has always been my understanding. The issue I have all works on this deployment.. CM 5.1 cvp 4.1 ICM 7 and all outbound to pstn are pots all other are voip here is an example:

All inbounds work fine except I do have a refer issue tha TAC is working on.

Look and see if you think these are right.. It works but sometimes things work and they are not right

Avner Izhar Thu, 02/21/2008 - 10:31
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Looks like you know your stuff, if you will be more specific on the issues I can try to comment.

But then again if TAC is on it, they will probably get it too.

Regards, Avner.

Thanks for you reply. The issue I hav was two first I was to get an inbound number from the pstn 416XXX0058 and translate it to a dn that exists on callmanager without going to cvp first and the only way I can get it to work is with a pots dial peer not a voip. The next issue I have is a call hits cvp and icm , the user selects a option from an AA type application and sip uses a refer to transfer th call well we see the refer in the gateway but the call never gets to callmanager where it is destined for and the caller gets dropped. This has gotten better since I upgraded the ios to 12.4.15t3 (yes ios) but it still happens.

I will say this if you install cvp using sip woth cm 5 there are so many gotchas it is scary sorry off topic.

So they are my two issues the pots kind makes ense but I should b able to translate an inbound voip the same way but hey and the refer issue its making its way thru tac.. The gateway folks own t now...

Thanks again


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