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Hi !

I'm currently preparing my BCMSN certification exam, and for my understanding I have some questions :

#1 when I type sh ip cef, what is meaning of the "epoch" number ? (my understanding was'nt make any sense to me, when I had read the explication in my certification guide)

#2 What is "per-destination sharing" is meaning in the "show ip cef ip_address net_mask" command output

#3 My understanding of the "glean state" is when an entry have not arp address map to an ip address. If I'm understanding correctly when the IP to MAC address is resolve the glean state should be clear for this entry. Why if I check on our MLS switch at the office I see a lot of glean state for address are frequently used and are directly attached to the MLS switch or inside of the MLS switch it self. Thoses IP address are maybe a virtual IP address I'm not remember that specific detail.

someone can help me for those questions ?

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