Missing SEPDEFAULT.cnf and XMLDefault.cnf.xml

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I have ereased our flash and installed new IOS and CME 4.2.

The system works, but I get this error when trying to create new cnf-files:

router(config-telephony)#create cnf-files

CNF file creation is already On

Updating CNF files

%Error deleting flash:SEPDEFAULT.cnf (File not found)

%Error deleting flash:XMLDefault.cnf.xml (File not found)

CNF files update complete

Here are my TFTP bindings:

router#show telephony-service tftp-bindings

tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf

tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf alias SEPDefault.cnf

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault.cnf.xml alias XMLDefault.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/ATADefault.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/7960-tones.xml alias Norway/7960-tones.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/7960-font.xml alias Norwegian_Norway/7960-font.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/7960-dictionary.xml alias Norwegian_Norway/7960-dictionary.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/7905-dictionary.xml alias Norwegian_Norway/7905-dictionary.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/7960-kate.xml alias Norwegian_Norway/7960-kate.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/7960-kate.xml alias Norwegian_Norway/7905-kate.xml

tftp-server system:/its/norway/SCCP-dictionary.xml alias Norwegian_Norway/SCCP-dictionary.xml

The two files that are missing are not on the flash (and have never been, as far as I can see on my backup of the flash).

What should I do?

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