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Feb 22nd, 2008


We are facing natting issue in my setup which is enclosed with this thread.

actually server should talk to

We ahve configured necessary routes on R1 fro 172.17.64.X and EIGRP is configured for . On R1 static rouets to R2 is redistributed.

we are able to ping to from

But applications can be accessed only if request comes fromsame subnet i.e 10.16.2.x subent.

we need to do natting for so that it could be translated to 10.16.2.x ip which inturn talks to

where to do the natting i mean on which router.

any help would be appreciated.



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pciaccio Fri, 02/22/2008 - 07:56

This does not sound like a Natting issue but an Access-list issue. If you can Ping the remote machines from each other then IP connectivity is established. However if Applications are not functioning correctly. make sure that you have no Access-lists in between these machines that are denying application ports or certain TCP or UDP traffic either dedicated to these IPs or subnets ....

smothuku Fri, 02/22/2008 - 08:21

Thanks for your reply..

Main thing is server willn't allow other ip's from differnet subnet to access it's applications.

172.x.x.202 server should access server.

To access from 172.x.x.202 , 172.x.x.202 should ne converted into 10.16.2.x series using NAT so that 172.x.x.202 can access

ANy idea



pciaccio Fri, 02/22/2008 - 08:31

So from what I can gather if the server only serves to devices in the 10.16.2.x subnet then you can apply Natting to the first layer 3 device (4006 with Layer 3 module). Do a static nat allowing the device to translate to a 10.16.2.x address. This way whenever the 10.16.2.x server initiates a session it will be translated to a 172.17.64.xx IP and the remote server should answer to it....

smothuku Sun, 02/24/2008 - 21:56

Hi ,

Thanks for your info and reply.

Actually , 4006 L3 IOS is not supporting natting.

So is there any alretnative other than loading IOS on L# which supports NAtting..

I mean on Routers can we do Natting..I've done natting on routers but 172.x.x.x is not at all communicating to 10.16.x.x after translation.




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