MARTIN STREULE Mon, 02/25/2008 - 04:13
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I came across a lot of stuff around OM.. :-)

In this case you and I run into the same bug (if you run a HP server too).

This is the "regular" explanation...


Description: The number of drive array faults has exceeded a threshold on a Compaq system running a Cisco Unified Communications application.

Trigger: Exceeded Drive Array Faults Threshold.

Severity: Critical.

Device Type: Media Server.

Event Code: 2100.

...and this is the bug


Bug Details

bus fault monitoring leads to False ExcessiveDAFaults Events


Cisco Unified Operations Manager reports ExcessiveDAFaults Event


This has been observed when monitoring HP servers.


The Event should be ignored when all drives in the server being monitored are reporting the same number of bus faults.

The issue is reproducible with the use of diags, aducli, and the P400.

It's in OM 2.0.1 and in 2.0.2...

Good luck,


MARTIN STREULE Mon, 02/25/2008 - 04:23
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Maybe this helps you too. This are the issues I ran into:

- if you use DNS, node-to-node test does not work anymore (SW fix available from TAC)

- if you use only one interface on a server you cannot put the unused one to unmanaged (SW fix available from TAC)

- if you are on terminal server session on OM you cannot do a "csv" export. Enter this into Windows registry:



"Content Type"="text/plain"


- End-to-end calls (synthetic test) stops working after some time

And something to be aware of:

ATA-186 is not supported

C3560-8 switch is not yet supported

If you have ATA-186, configure both ports or you will have "tftp exceed" errors..

What's your overall experience with OM?



dannymeyer Mon, 02/25/2008 - 04:44
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Had the same issues with OM and HP Servers.

Result was: either increase the threshold or even better: replace the drive. There is a reason, when this error on a single drive appears. After I changed the affected drive, it went away. Do not expect any visual indicator from the drive or infos during boot.



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