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Would like to know the exact functionality of Security context in ASA.

I need to create some 30-35 vlan on subinterface of the firewall.

According to daga sheet ASA5510 with security plus licenses support only 25 Vlans.Is it the limit or something else.

Does that mean I cann't create 30-35 subinterfaces on ASA 5510 and assign them as diffrent vlan name?

Thanks in advance.



I have this problem too.
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thanks for your reply.

I hve one doubt over the no. of vlans.

spec sheet says 25 vlans allowed.Is it per security context or something else.

moreover I need to create some 30-35 subinterfaces on single physical interface of my ASA 5510.Does this hold some limit to create subinterfaces and assigning to VLAN.



Thanks I got it.

Here related to same want to freeze the right product for my customer.

Will create some 30 Vlans and will keep minimum 6 to 8 user in each of them.They will just browse the internet nothing else.


1. will 5510 will be able to solve the purpose on this much load or need to go with 5520?I will create vlans on ASA and trunk to L2 switch.

2. Will 2960 switch with 48 port can fulfill my requirement?and after each port on switch can i use small switches of 8 or 16 port for individual Vlan users.



Collin Clark Wed, 02/27/2008 - 06:03

Do you really need to segment your users? Can you use a layer 3 to do it? A 2960 can trunk just fine, so it would work that purpose.


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