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Feb 25th, 2008
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I have a requirement to have an open-source configuration management solution log into my concentrator & download its config for backup / version control purposes. Its name is "RANCID".

I've enabled SSH, and I can log into the Private Interface with PuTTY just fine. When I use WinSCP 4.04, I have a problem. I authenticate just fine, but then the connection is dropped after 30 seconds. WinSCP tells me, "Incompatable shell, BASH prefered...". The concentrator tells me that the "PShell" is shutting down.

question: Is this just an incompatability with WinSCP specifically? Do you think others would work? I know the 3000-series is old, and end-of-life. I'm using the next-to-latest build of OS for the Concentrator.

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