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Feb 25th, 2008

Ok all. Problem came up today where users that have voicemail in a CME/CUE environment can access voicemail, but when a call comes in to the number, they dont answer, and its SUPPOSED to go to voicemail, but it doesnt. It just cuts the call off completely... Anyone hear of an issue like this?

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Rob Huffman Mon, 02/25/2008 - 11:00

Hi John,

I have heard of this, and it is usually a codec/transcoding issue here. CUE only does G711 and if the calls are coming in G729a there is a need for local Transcoding. Maybe this is where your problem lies?

Codecs and Transcoding

Cisco Unity Express supports only G.711 voice streams, so all calls made into the system (including those from IP phones, PSTN gateway ports and any other VoIP equipment in your network) must use G.711 if they enter the AA or voice mail pilot numbers that terminate on Cisco Unity Express.

If you require that G.729A calls traverse IP segments of your network between sites, and that these calls forward or dial direct into Cisco Unity Express AA or voice mail, then you must use a transcoding resource collocated with Cisco Unity Express to change the voice stream from G.729A to G.711 before the voice stream enters the AA or ***voice mail pilot numbers.



Hope this helps!


jjoseph01 Mon, 02/25/2008 - 11:17

Thanks Rob for the quick response. I called TAC and had them get on it, since I needed it relatively quickly for this particular client. I had a "dial-plan" statement in there that was making it not happy. We took it out and it works fine now. Thanks for your help and thought into this, I give points for that. Take care.

Rob Huffman Mon, 02/25/2008 - 14:12

Hey John,

You are always welcome :) It was worth a shot. Nice work getting this fixed so quickly.

Take care,



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