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Feb 25th, 2008


I already have two 2950 switches and 2 2629 routers with wic card If a buy a 2520 router what flash and dram should it have to be the best 16D/8F or 16D/16F and what IOS version

I also wanted to know if i have all this equipment mentioned above what can help me create different lab scenarios for my CCNA,CCNP Exam and moreover to know how technologies work in a real work? Is there any specific book i can buy or where can i get this information of lab scenarios to boost my skills the equipment ?

I read in a forum about an AFAIK book what does that mean what book is that?

please let me know

i would really apreciate any help as this the first time i have a question.


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Hi There

The equipment you have is a good start towards a CCNA/CCNP lab.

If you are buying the 2520 as a Frame Relay Switch then 16DRAM/8Flash is sufficient. This router will run IOS 12.1 and maybe 12.2 and as this router is going to play the part of your Service Providers Frame Relay switch, IOS 12.1 or 12.2 is fine.

I would suggest if and when your funds allow, that you pick up another 26xx router. This would allow set up a Frame Relay hub and spoke topology with 1 hub and two spokes.

To create different lab scenarios look to the study material you are using. For my CCNA I used Todd Lammels CCNA study guide from Sybex and also the Bryant Advantage CCNA study guide. Both of these resources had lots of topology examples and labs to work through.

Not too sure about the "AFAIK book" to me AFAIK stands for "As Far As I Know" and is an abbreviation that I use quite a lot :)

I have attached a .jpeg file which shows how you might connect your equipment together. This diagram shows a FR hub and spoke topology with a 3rd 26xx switch. Also it includes a 2511 access server whcih you can ignore.

Hope this helps some and if you have any more questions then post away.

Best Regards,


gurkamal01 Tue, 02/26/2008 - 07:03


I thank you for help but what about the CCNP lab scenarios which book can help make scenarios or where can i get information to setup different lab scenarios

if i buy one more 26xx router what IOS version and DRAM/flash should it have??

please let me know so i can buy it it the earliest to setup some labs



Hi Gursaran

Again for CCNP lab scenarios, the material you are using to study should have lab scenarios for you to set up and work through.

For my CCNP studies I am using the following,

The Bryant Advantage study guides (comes with Lab workbooks)

The Cisco Press Authorised self study guides and Exam certification guides, which have labs to work through or you can make up your own labs to practice the concepts being shown in the books.

If you buy another 26xx router get the latest IOS version you can find. 12.4 if possible (may require a 26xx XM model) or at least 12.3.

A 26xx router will take a maximum of 64mb DRAM/16 mb Flash (or 32mb Flash with a upgraded boot prom). A 26xx XM router will take a maximum of 128 mb DRAM and 32mb Flash.

64DRAM/16Flash shoule be sufficient, 64mb DRAM/32Flash would be nice.

The router does not have to be 26xx it could also be 36xx if you find one at a decent price.

Hope this helps some.

Best Regards,


gurkamal01 Tue, 02/26/2008 - 11:17


i really appreciate your response, i tried to look for bryant advantage study guide on amazon.com it gave me no results.

can you please let me know the exact book name and writer or some details on it so i can buy it asap and start my practice.

I really thank you for your help

UndaCovaHacker Tue, 02/26/2008 - 11:57


Below is the link to the Bryant Advantage website. Hope this is some help, I have never used it so I was wondering if anyone know how credible the information is with the Bryant Advantage and also what come with it, Thanks!!


gurkamal01 Tue, 02/26/2008 - 22:40


i just won an 2620 on ebay, but i don't know the IOS and DRAM/Flash on the router. My question is if it has a low Flash/DRAM, can i upgrade it on my own? Also, can i upgrade IOS version on my own?

how can i do that

apreciate any help

Hi There

Congratulations on your win on Ebay :) Did the auction posting not tell how much DRAM/Flash was in the router or what version of the IOS was on it?

If this information is not presnet when I look on Ebay, I would usually ask the seller to provide the output of the "show version" command. If they don't/won't then I would not buy from them.

Anyway, Yes you can purchase DRAM/Flash memory pretty cheaply on Ebay and upgrade this yourself. You just have to open the router up to do this. It is the same as adding RAM to a PC.

As for the IOS. The only legal way to do this is to buy the IOS you want from Cisco or an authorised reseller (This will be quite expensive), unless you have a support contract on the router, which gives you access to download IOS versions (which is also expensive).

This is another reason I would want to know about the routers IOS, DRAM & Flash prior to bidding. A 2600 with 4D/4F and IOS 10 or 11 is not going to be much use.

Best Regards,


gurkamal01 Thu, 02/28/2008 - 21:08


you are great,you always respond to the questions with great knowledge.

I have 3 questions

i just got my 2950 switches from ebay how can i check that they are working in good condition and shortly i will get some routers how can check them too

Q1.I mean what command should i use to check that

Q2. how can i access them from my office if i have internet at my home, is it by telneting them?

Q3.In a production enviroment how do network adminstrator access remote routers and swithes?

Do they telnet into the router or switch thru the interface,

how does it work

jrensink78 Wed, 02/27/2008 - 12:50

CiscoPress has a number of Lab Companion books that have bunches of practice labs for the different certification tests. I am currently using the one for the BSCI test and it's great.

rgfrergfre Thu, 02/28/2008 - 06:37

Do the CiscoPress lab books contain the answers to the labs or the "correct" configs so that you can compare your configs to after completing a lab?


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