LMS/IPM 4.0.0 - Problem With Collector Source Device

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Previously I only add 2 device on IPM device management. Later I add all devices. But the problem now is when I want to create the collector, the source only shown 2 devices, for destination it shown all. I had add/removed...restart service..all not help.

Why this happen, anything I missed out ?

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Tue, 02/26/2008 - 22:13

How did you add all devices to IPM? If you added them as adhoc targets, then that's what they will be: targets. If you want all devices to be sources, you can either enable auto-sync with DCR under IPM > Admin > Application Settings, or you can go to IPM > Collector Management > Add Devices, and add devices from DCR by clicking the Add Devices button. Devices that support the CISCO-RTTMON-MIB will be automatically added as Source devices. If they do not support this MIB, they will only be available as Targets.

Joe Clarke Tue, 02/26/2008 - 22:38

Please post the output of an snmpwalk of for routers missing from the source list. Note: these days you need a feature set higher than IP BASE to get IP SLA support.

I did on all the routers, 7206/3825 router have no problem.

The following is a SNMP walk of device starting from .

SNMP Walk Output



CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplVersion.0 = STRING: 2.2.0 Round Trip Time MIB

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplMaxPacketDataSize.0 = INTEGER: 16384 octets

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplTimeOfLastSet.0 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplNumCtrlAdminEntry.0 = INTEGER: 27962

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplReset.0 = INTEGER: ready(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplPreConfigedReset.0 = INTEGER: ready(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.echo = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.pathEcho = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.udpEcho = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.tcpConnect = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.http = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.dns = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.jitter = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.dhcp = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.ftp = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.13 = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedRttTypesValid.16 = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.ipIcmpEcho = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.ipUdpEchoAppl = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.ipTcpConn = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.httpAppl = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.dnsAppl = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.jitterAppl = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.dhcpAppl = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.ftpAppl = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.32 = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplSupportedProtocolsValid.34 = INTEGER: true(1)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplProbeCapacity.0 = INTEGER: 27962

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplFreeMemLowWaterMark.0 = INTEGER: 38177468

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplLatestSetError.0 = STRING:

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonApplResponder.0 = INTEGER: false(2)

CISCO-RTTMON-MIB::rttMonAppl.15.0 = INTEGER: 0

2 device appear on source , 1 unit is 3825 router , another unit is cat3560 switch.

This switch I did snmpwalk, no RTT MIB, but it do appear.

It is a way to reset the IPM db or configuration. SO can start from ground zero.

I did reset db on CM/DFM , it help on this kind devices inconsistent problem.

The following is a SNMP walk of device starting from .

SNMP Walk Output



Failed to snmpwalk the device. Please check your community string and starting OID, and try again.

cgm Wed, 04/30/2008 - 02:27

Did you find an answer for this ?

I kind of have the same issue.

One of four identical routers shows as valid source, all show ok as destinations.

This router was not being added at first (auto) because it showed as already in ipm !!???

After an ipm delete, it was added an it's the

only one working.

More info: IPM is running in a slave DCR, at first the synch was not ok, so I broke it (standalone) and made it again.

cgm Wed, 04/30/2008 - 05:26

Found another thread with the "answer".

Somehow DCR had bad credentials for some of the devices, SNMP WR is the one that matters for

collection sources.

I say "somehow" because all routers have same

credentials, and the same default credentials

were used at discovery for all...


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