How to get phoneName from IP Address (with AXL ?)

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Feb 28th, 2008
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Hi !

I've a small problem ...

To have an access to their services, IP Phone must transmit to the IP Phone Service his phoneName.

(CCM 6.0)

Actually, I need the IP Phone 's phoneName when it's connecting to a Service URL. (My ASP.NET application IP Phone Service need the phoneName to check his OWNER USER ID).

But when the IP Phone is reaching a IPPhone Service URL, i just know its own IP ADDRESS. (or i make a mistake ...).

So, i've severals ways to solve my problem :

- Including the PHONE NAME in its own URL Phone Service. (each phone will have http://ServicesServer/Service.aspx?name=XXXXXXXXXX for example)

- Another way would be make an AXL Request to the CALL MANAGER (6.0), to check the IP Address i recieved from the phone' request, and AXL Response will contains phoneName ?

- Other ?

Could someone help me or tell me how i can do it ?

Many thanks in advance.

Correct Answer by Sascha Monteiro about 9 years 5 months ago

best way is to pass the phone name in the url, you can do it like this:


The Extension Mobility service is using this too...

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stephane.lhp Fri, 02/29/2008 - 00:38
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Thanks for your answer.

It's working !

I havent took a look to the Extension Mobility ones.

Very usefull ! Thanks.


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