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Feb 29th, 2008
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We are currently looking at updating to 2811's for our brach offices, and 7204's for our data centers so we can use GETVPN on our MPLS WAN.

In the future we are looking at WAAS to help address network performance issues in the branch offices, and between data centers.

Are there any issues with using GETVPN, and WAAS together. Our current solution includes a WAE-502 in each 2811 at the branch offices, and a pair of WAE-612 at each data center.

Each branch has a single DS1, and each data center has a single DS3.

Also would this solution be able to handle additional capacity at the data centers? For example we add a 2nd DS3 between our data centers from a different provider for redundancy.


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Zach Seils Fri, 02/29/2008 - 21:00
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We have been testing GETVPN and WAAS interoperability internally and found it works fine, except for CSCsm35350 (which isn't specific to GETVPN, but to crypto maps in general).

Regarding scalability, how many sites are you planning to deploy with WAAS, and what are the WAN characteristics (bandwidth, latency, etc.)?



yaplej Fri, 02/29/2008 - 22:32
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After reading what GRE return is, and assuming I actually understook what it was talking about. We didnt plan on using that. We were going to just setup a subinterface on our routers to connect the WAAS hardware.

We have a total of 14 sites including the two data centers. We have DS3 45Mbps at the data centers, and currently 1.5Mbps at each branch location. Latency varies, but is normally around 35ms with spikes of 1200ms durring heavy traffic.

The major issue we would be trying to address is slow file access at the branches, and issues when deploying software(again file access), computer startup(more files being accessed while scripts, and GPO's are applied).

We also want to improve the application performance of our business software. Its just normal TCP traffic but I cannot go into details about what applications those are here.

yaplej Fri, 02/29/2008 - 22:46
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I forgot to mention that the number of users is pretty small. Total users is around 120-130, and each branch only has between 5-10 employees.

Zach Seils Tue, 03/04/2008 - 06:17
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Thanks for the follow up. I would consider one of the Data Center appliances (WAE-7341 or WAE-7471) for the head end. The subsystems on these devices are tuned for aggregating numerous remote sites, and will give you better long-term scalability potential.




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