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levinsky Mon, 03/03/2008 - 08:06
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when you say ringing do you mean the phone is not ringing while a call is in the queue and displaying in the Operator Console???

If so this is not a fault, that is the way ARC works. It wont ring the phone while the call hasn't been answered because its sitting in a queue and therefore not associated with any IP Phone.

What ARC Operator Console will do is make a ringing sound on the PC. So the PC running the Operator Console needs a soundcard, speakers. When an Operator is logged into the queue and a call is sitting in the queue there will be a phone ringing sound from the Operator Console PC. When the call is answered the audio is cut-through to the Operators IP phone.



6rmisior Fri, 10/16/2009 - 14:02
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Anyone knows if there are any plans to fix this.

This is very bad. There are so many reasons why you need to ring operators phone directly.

rrathjens Fri, 02/26/2010 - 14:18
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You could just change the Queue to "Forced Delivery", then the call will be delivered automatically. The phone and console will ring at the same time. Yes, this brings up issues when the Operator doesn't answer, but that is another question.

Go to ARC COnnect Administration\COnfiguration\Console Conenct\Console Queues and select the queue you want to test and click the check box (on the right hand side) that says Forced Delivery.

Remember you need to start and restart the ARC Connect CT Server to make the change effective.

Hope this helps!!


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