JORGE RODRIGUEZ Wed, 03/05/2008 - 18:05
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From a security perspective is to hide your internal network private Ip scheme and have a NAT address be expose instead of your internal addresses,other reasons is to be able to communicate to other networks via internet routable addresses, also used for overcoming overlapping networks etc..



krjohnson Thu, 03/06/2008 - 12:28
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I've heard these arguments before but something about them isn't very compelling. If my network is behind a firewall and I'm not using NAT, you still can't get to my internal net. The types of attacks i've seen that can get past firewalls apply to setups with or without NAT.

If I build conduits to internal boxes, whether I run NAT or not the boxes are potentially vulnerable to attacks via the port the conduit allows.

onlyabhishek007 Wed, 03/05/2008 - 22:26
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the main advantage to configure the nat on the firewall to commutate the private ip on the internet to the publick network.

jsauviac Thu, 03/06/2008 - 11:47
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By configuring NAT on a router, you can hide your internal network IP addresses from the outside world.


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