Phone doesn't reach out to Unity after re-direct.

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Mar 5th, 2008

I have a MultiSite/Centralized deployment for Call Manager 4.0, and if one of the PRI fails then we call Telco to redirect the number to the Central Site Voice Gateway.

One of the Remote sites PSTN Circuit Failed, and after we called Telco to redirect all numbers such as 714.384.2201-2299 to a Central Site Voice Gateway. We did the translation pattern in a central site VG to masking out 714.384.2201-2299 to(XXX-XXXX-2201-2099.

Extension 2201-2299 are a registered Call Manager Numbers, and now the call should be treated as a 4 digit On-Net Call. It worked fine as we tested it, and the phone at a remote location which is down rings fine. For Example, Ext 2201 rings fine. However, the problem is that if no one picks up the phone then it should go to the voicemail, but instead the call drops as soon as hits the Unity Voice Mail, and the message can't be left since the call is dropped. The phone displays the full number instead of just 4-digit number.

The Call Manager routes the call properly since the phone rings, but don't know why it gets dropped when it hits the Unity. Aslo, why the phone displays the whole number instead of just 4-digit as an on-net Call.

Any feedback or troubleshooting will be appreciated.


I have this problem too.
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