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Mar 6th, 2008

CiscoWorks (LMS 2.5)

Campus Manager V 4.0.5

Campus User Tracking


Campus User Tracking

Acquisition/Action on a single device

If we enter the name or IP address of a single device about which data is to be acquired,

we see that we get more User-Data (IP-Address/Hostname(DNS))about this single switch in the table, as we got from the periodic User Tracking Acquisition over all devices. Perhaps timeouts could cause this ?

We are also interested in hints, which describe, why we have this behaviour.

We could not solve this problem,

so the question is, is it possible to make the acquisition for all our devices, but with single acquisition/action command (switch by switch), perhaps by a script (?).

Perhaps someone could give us a example how to do.

Admin/End Host Table Import

We would like to know if anyone is using the Admin/End Host Table Import

in Campus User Tracking.

It looks interesting, but is not good described in the manual. And we are worried about the impact on the database.

Perhaps someone could give us more details and a example how to do.

Thanks for supporting.

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Thu, 03/06/2008 - 10:36

First, I would highly recommend you upgrade to LMS 2.6 and Campus Manager 4.0.10. There are so many acquisition-related bugs fixed that I wouldn't even bother troubleshooting the first problem you describe in LMS 2.5.1. The 2.6 and 2.6 SP1 updates are freely downloadable from

As for the end host table, this only allows you to import username and notes information for existing end hosts in User Tracking. You cannot add new entries to User Tracking using the import feature. The import file keys off of MAC address, For example:

Campus User Tracking

User Name,MAC Address,Notes

marcus,00-17-08-5a-1b-16,"nms-server2 port"

bfst Fri, 03/07/2008 - 01:27

First, thanks for the message.

As for the end host table import, we would like to use it for additional Informations (username, notes) about the already in UserTracker existing endhosts (e.g. marcus, building 3/room 4).

So, we only have to write a file like this ?

(MAC is the key for update the correct entry?)

User Name,MAC Address,Notes

marcus,00-17-08-5a-1b-16,"nms-server2 port1"

max,00-17-08-5a-1b-15,"nms-server2 port2"


exactly so - with the headline and quotes ??,

and import the file.

Are these additional Informations permanent in the database (as long as the MAC is in) and can we overwrite it with another IMPORT?

Could this damage the consistency of the database?

Could you give us a few details?


Joe Clarke Fri, 03/07/2008 - 08:01

The first line should be "Campus User Tracking" as you see in my example.

Everything else in your example here looks fine. This will update the username and notes of two entries which already exist in UT. Username and Notes are the only two fields you can manually manipulate.


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