Use Backup link with Static routes

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Mar 7th, 2008

My client has network setup as in diagram. R0 is the router connected to the LAN and R1 and R2 are connected to different service providers. Currently R1 and R2 are the routers running bgp with providers.

Traffic shifting is done from the R0 with default route pointing towards either R1 or R2 when one of the providers link goes down.

My question is that is there a way I can make sure traffic is automatically shifted from R0 without manually changing the default route. I dont want to run BGP on the R0 router connected to LAN.

I have this problem too.
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Rick Morris Mon, 03/10/2008 - 12:59

If you are using static routes then you are defeating the purpose of BGP.

Static wins everytime over BGP based on AD.

If you want dynamic failover you will need to run either BGP or floating static route.

I need more info to know which is the best method for you.

Are the providers different?

Do you have your own IP space?

Do you have your own ASN, if you are multihomed?

Any details of your set-up will help.

hasnain321 Wed, 03/12/2008 - 14:50

Hi sorry for late response , I was busy in some assignments out of office. Thanks for your reply

Yes I am using different providers and i have my own ip address advertised into their cloud. I am using ospf from one provider and bgp from other provider.

These two links are terminated on different routers and I currently shift the traffic from a third core router by changing the default route pointing towards the stable router. I hope now you understand the topology well,

My goal is to shift the traffic automatically to one of the upstream provider instead of shifting it manually.

Thanks for your time


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