Split Tunnel Issue

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We've got our ASA setup for VPN and split tunneling via the instructions at this page:


When I connect to the VPN I have internet access and the remote LAN access (shared drives, outlook, the whole bit), however I cannot get to my local LAN computers anymore.

My theory is because both networks are using the same IP range. The LAN at the office uses and my home network also happens to use that range. So my server on the home network is on .3 and theres a machine at the office on .3.

Is this why I cannot get to the home network once VPN'd in?

Is there an easy way around this problem?

Is there a recommended subnet for an internal office network that I should consider changing our office over to?

Maybe I've got the wrong idea altogether...?

Any ideas are much appreciated



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brettmilborrow Mon, 03/10/2008 - 02:08

Hi Nick,

You are correct about not being able to access your local network due to your remote network and local network being the same.

There are two ways of sorting this out,

NAT your remote network for to another network for use in the VPN tunnel, OR

Change one on the networks to a new address space. You mention changing your OFFICE network, surely it would easier and less disruptive to change you home network?

Private addresses are as follows:


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