Directing Video traffic to a particular link

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Mar 8th, 2008

We have 2 different circuits running between same cities. Circuit 1 is dedicated to use Stream Box video streming traffic. We have applied access list at our Router to route traffic appropriately.

Main issue we observe is that, Packets are not matching at Access lists applied for permitting stream Box. But ping results are always matched at the same access list for same stream box ping responses.

Whereas it is found that output packet rate is often '0' at that particular link(Circuit 1) which is quite strange. This leads to assume that it takes return path from the other lease circuit 2.

We have implemented a implicit deny access list at the other Lease circuit 2. Mentioning that this link should not be used for stream Box video strem.

But there were no matches found in that too.

Another surety to test Policy Routing, we put the same on test with POLYCOM on the same circuit 1. Results shows all the traffic traverse is matching at the access list. We are surprised how this not comes with the Stream Box.

We observe that at initiation Stream Box send a Multicast packet first IGMP and rest follows the UDP packets from source to destination.

One more thing to mention is, we are unable to fetch these results until specific ports are not marked at Switch end to be monitored. This is not necessary for any other devices normally expect required for any reason.

Need your help to know what exactly Stream Box traffic format use to send traffic.

How its monitored,

How we mark the traffic flow.

I have this problem too.
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