Rob Huffman Wed, 03/12/2008 - 05:56
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Here is the related info for systems running CCM 4.3(1).

4.3(1) - No action required for CCM itself :)

Cisco Unified IP Phone firmware loads:

The 7906, 7911, 7921, 7941, 7961, 7970, 7971 phones require a new phone load that incorporates the Daylight Saving Time changes. The necessary phone resolution for 2007 and higher US Daylight Saving Time is present in the following phone loads or Device Packages.

Cisco Unified IP Phone firmware load

8.2(2)sr1 standalone phone load or higher

Please go to the following link to download Cisco IP Phone Firmware:

Cisco IP Phone Firmware (registered customers only)

Device Packs:

3.3(5)DevPack 83 or higher

4.1(3)DevPack 57.1 or higher

4.2(3)DevPack 31 or higher

4.3(1)DevPack 14 or higher

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager device packs downloads are available in the Voice Software Download section under the particular Cisco Unified Communications Manager version you are running. Please go to the following link for Cisco Unified Communications Manager software downloads:

Voice Software download (registered customers only)

Windows Patch:

The Windows 2000 Daylight Saving Time patch is installed if any of these versions of MCS OSs are installed. All nodes are required to be on the same version. This patch affects Cisco Unified Communications Manager trace files timestamps and the time display on the server's console.

Windows Release

Minimum OS Release with the Windows 200x DST patch for US DST


2000.4.2(sr16) or higher

2000.4.3 or 2000.4.3a

2000.4.3a(sr9) or higher

2000.4.4 or 2000.4.4a

2000.4.4a(sr4) or higher

2000.4.5 or 2000.4.5a

2000.4.5b(sr3) or higher


2003.1.1(sr1) or higher


No action required

From this DST Field Notice;

Hope this helps!



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