Quick question about 6506 Temperature readings

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Mar 12th, 2008
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According to this what temperature is the one I should be concerned with regarding the closet temeprature? I need to determine which closet is running the hottest.

6506_WC01#sh env temp

VTT 1 outlet temperature: 37C

VTT 2 outlet temperature: 40C

VTT 3 outlet temperature: 44C

module 1 outlet temperature: 57C

module 1 inlet temperature: 39C

module 2 outlet temperature: 38C

module 2 inlet temperature: 36C

module 2 VDB outlet temperature: 42C

module 2 VDB inlet temperature: 39C

module 2 VDB device-1 temperature: 41C

module 3 outlet temperature: 37C

module 3 inlet temperature: 36C

module 3 device-1 temperature: 36C

module 3 device-2 temperature: 38C

module 3 VDB outlet temperature: 37C

module 3 VDB inlet temperature: 39C

module 3 VDB device-1 temperature: 37C

module 4 outlet temperature: 36C

module 4 inlet temperature: 35C

module 4 VDB outlet temperature: 41C

module 4 VDB inlet temperature: 39C

module 4 VDB device-1 temperature: 39C

module 5 outlet temperature: 37C

module 5 inlet temperature: 33C

module 5 device-1 temperature: 42C

module 5 device-2 temperature: 42C

module 5 asic-1 (SSO-1) temp: 34C

module 5 asic-2 (SSO-2) temp: 35C

module 5 asic-3 (SSO-3) temp: 34C

module 5 asic-4 (SSO-4) temp: 34C

module 5 asic-5 (SSA-1) temp: 34C

module 5 asic-6 (HYPERION-1) temp: 35C

module 5 RP outlet temperature: 37C

module 5 RP inlet temperature: 39C

module 5 EARL outlet temperature: 42C

module 5 EARL inlet temperature: 35C

module 6 outlet temperature: 38C

module 6 inlet temperature: 36C

module 6 device-1 temperature: 37C

module 6 device-2 temperature: 37C

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amohabir1 Wed, 03/12/2008 - 08:18
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LOL...the easiest thing to do is get a digital thermometer for your closets and have it give you a reading versus trying to figure it out by adding up the temperature from your devices and getting an average.


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