DNS over NATed Lan-to-Lan VPN

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I'm sure there is something easy I'm missing, but I'm missing it. I have a lan-to-lan VPN established between a VPN Concentrator 3030 and an ASA something or other on the other side. I don't own the device on the other side. Because of an IP conflict I have established a static NAT so the other side connects to our network as This works great. However the problem I'm having is with DNS, they setup a conditional forwarder to point to our server at 172.31.0.x but naturally it responds with a 10.17.0.x for the names that it resolves and they can't connect to it because it isn't taking the NAT into account. We're using Microsoft DNS on both sides. Other than setting up a static DNS on the other side and populating it manually what is my best option?

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