VPN Client and routing

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I have a strange problem with VPN Client and routing.


My PC with Windows connect from remote office to 2811 by VPN Client. So, from PC I can access local-A behind 2811 and local-B. This PC is a default gw for local-B network.

So, I have a problem - other PCs in local-B networ cann't access PCs in local-A. On Windows router (local-B) I see a route to local-A through VPN, but it's not work! Also I try to add route on 2811 to local-B through (it is ip-address of my VPN-client connection) but it not helped

My config (only main part):

local-A --

local-B --


crypto isakmp client configuration group test

key test_12_vpn




crypto dynamic-map vpn_dn_map 10

set transform-set TRANS



crypto map VPN 5 ipsec-isakmp dynamic vpn_dn_map



ip local pool VPN-CLIENT

ip route


ip access-list extended VPN-ACL

permit ip host

permit ip


I have this problem too.
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