New MOH file plays only static.

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I've got 5 sites each with CME running on a 2811. The default MOH ( has been working w/o any problems. We have had a professionally produced MOH file (in .wav format) that we would like to get into all the systems.

I've gone in an uploaded the file to the flash and adjusted the config to play the new MoH.wav file. At three of the sites the new MOH file plays fine. At two of the sites, the "music" is just static.

The new MOH file was tftp'd from the same source (across our MPLS cloud). When I do a sh flash command, the file sizes are the exact same both on the routers that work, and those that don't work.

Any ideas?

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d.teal Fri, 04/18/2008 - 09:45
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Did you ever figure out what was happening?



ggivenemergeits Thu, 05/27/2010 - 10:53
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I have taken the time to document this and feel it woul be beneficial to others

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Download Audacity ( google it)

open audacity

Change Project to 8000hz (lower left hand corner)

Go to edit and then preferences

Change Uncompressed export format to “ AU (Sun/Next 8:bit ULAW)”

Load audio file

Select a space where someone is not speaking

Go to effect and noise removal

Click get noise profile

Close effect

Select all

Choose effect and noise removal

Click remove noise

Select all

Choose effect and then normalize

Click ok

Select all

Choose effect and then compressor

Change threshold to -42db

Change ration to 10:1

Uncheck normalize

Click ok

Click file

Choose export as au.

Save as “”

Upload file to router via tftp

specify the file in CME GUI


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