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Mar 14th, 2008

Hi All,

Where can I find study guide for 642-503. Cisco Press has guide only for 642-502. All the online resources have only questions for 642-503, not study guide. Should I use 642-502 study guide to learn and use 642-503 questions to practice?

Thanks in Advance,


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allanc_16 Fri, 03/14/2008 - 15:17

Hey Alex,

I am studying for that test too. I can't find a study guide for 642-503 either so what I am doing is that I compared the subjects to study from the 642-502 with the 642-503 and you will see that some remained the same and the rest didn't of course so I separately look for the from and study it that way.

I hope that helps and if you find a study guide please let me know!

ajeyaraj Tue, 03/18/2008 - 13:25

Thanks Allan. Can we use this thread to identify the delta and address the differences. As a first shot, here is my observation, is it what you also realised? I start my reading from today. Please update this post with any material that can cover the gap, I will also do the same.

Chapters not covered in exisiting Cisco Press


Chapter: Configure Cisco VPNs to provide secure connectivity for site-to-site and remote access communications using the CLI

Comment: Only easy VPN is covered. Everything else needs material

Chapter: Configure Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting to provide basic secure access control for networks

Comment: Minimal coverage. Needs material

Chapter: Implement Network Foundation Protection using the CLI

Comment: Not covered at all. Needs material

Chapters covered in existing Cisco Press, that can be safely ignored


Chapter: Overview of network security

Comment: This is completely removed in new exam. I just took the SND exam, and all of this is covered in SND exam. May be this is a reason they removed it.

Chapter: AAA

Comment: I am not sure if reading existing Cisco Press release provides any additional advantage or just to read new material that matches exam objectives.

Chapter: VPN

Comment: Same as AAA

Chapter: Enterprise Network Management

Comment: This is completely removed in new exam. I just took the SND exam, which covers SDM in detail. May be this is a reason they removed it.


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