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Mar 16th, 2008
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So I am studying for the BSCI--using Sybex, Cisco Press, Exam Cram2, Chris Bryant videos, etc, etc. Basically anything that I can get my hands on which will help me prepare for the exam.

I am finding that none of these sources really talk very much about multicast (IGMPv1,2,3, CGMP, IGMP-snooping, etc.) Yet I hear that knowing multicast is an important thing to know on the exam.

Does anyone know how much the exam goes into multicast (5 questions?) and how about IPv6 (5 questions?)?

I find it strange that none of these study guides talk about multicast, what is up with that?


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Hi Julian

For my BSCI studies I used the following

1. BSCI Authorised self study guide, Cisco Press

2. Routing TCP/IP vol 1 & vol 2 by Jeff Doyle, Cisco Press

3. CCIE Routing & Switching by Wendell Odom, Cisco Press

4. The Bryant Advantage BSCI study guide and CBT

5. Numerous hours spent on my own home lab.

After this preparation I felt ok with all the questions which came up in my BSCI.

Unfortunately I can not discuss the makeup of the exam, the number of questions on different topics etc due to the terms of the NDA I sign with Cisco prior to taking any of their certifications.

However if you read through the material and understand it, then spend some time actually configuring it to get it working and troubleshooting it when it doesn't you should be alright on exam day.

Best Regards,


najumiqbal Wed, 06/04/2008 - 08:39
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Well in my view its like 15% Multicast and 5% IPv6. My friend told me they haven't got many question on IPv6, so try to do basic of IPv6 and focus on multicast.


suelange Wed, 06/04/2008 - 10:44
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The problem with your question is every exam is unique. And while one might assume every exam is still balanced to ensure a good mix, I can tell you that my experience was the test was almost all IS-IS. Every other question it seemed like. Then another friend who took it said he got a lot of IS-IS but also a lot of IPV6. Others on this thread said they didn't get so much IPV6.

The exam is not adaptive, that is to say the question pool has been pulled by the time you start the test and does not change. But you can't guarantee a certain percentage from any one area.

Besides, lets say you get 5 IPV6 and 5 Multicast questions...what if by luck of the draw you get the 5 specific questions you don't happen to know the answer too or that go into more detail than you studied for?

It pays to over-prepare.

arnautucisco Wed, 06/04/2008 - 20:49
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Hi there,

I just took the BSCI exam; I had around 10 questions on IPV6. Do NOT ignore ipv6 and multicast.

Good luck!


Hi There

I would just like to point out that like myself, I am sure that anybody who has taken any Cisco certification exam in the past has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Cisco agreeing NOT to talk about/make public details of the exam which includes (but is not confined to) discussing the type of or number of questions or the number of each type of question you faced on the exam.

I am amazed at the number of people who not only show total disregard for the NDA they signed, but discuss it openly on the Cisco forums.

Learn and more importantly understand each topic detailed on the blueprint for the exam you are taking to at least the level of understanding required for that particular exam.

Then if you know your stuff, whether you get 1, 5 or 55 questions on a particular topic you will be able to answer them. Don't gamble with the topics you are supposed to cover.

Remember the certification is supposed to show prospective employers that you have a certain level of competence and if you have only studied certain bits of the subjects you wre required to, you will be shown to be a less then useful employee.

Just imagine if companies could sue people who misrepresent themselves at job interviews...

Best Regards,


Best Regards,



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