MOH-USB-Audio with 6.1

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Mar 17th, 2008
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Does anyone have experience with configuring a single fixed audio source (live stream? The guide is not intuitive enough and currently all users have is silence when placed on hold. The stream is a radio station (company owned). We also cannot tell if the MOH-USB-Audio is even recognized. Any help would be greatly apperciated.

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jarmitage Mon, 03/17/2008 - 08:49
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Hi Rudy,

Do you have a sound card in your server? For USB audio, a sound card will be required. (The audio stream is treated the same as if it were being played back from a CD.)

If your server is Windows-based, check the levels in the "Volume Control" panel. Your "Line In" setting might be muted or turned down, which would also produce silence on the line.

(As an aside, this is also where you can adjust the overall volume setting of the MoH if you're using a real-time streaming source, as opposed to using the CallManager admin page for pre-recorded .wavs or .mp3s.)



Hope this helps, please rate if it does...

rudyfaber Mon, 03/17/2008 - 09:08
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thank you for the reply. This is a linux based server running 6.0. Not sure about the sound card - The server is a MCS 7835.

Let me know if you have any other information.

Thank you,


Mike Reilly Mon, 03/17/2008 - 10:00
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Assuming you have the USB audio adapter...

Make sure you press "play" on the USB adapter. Also make sure you have the live audio device name specified on the MOH server config. This will correspond to the name you gave the device when you configured source 51. Mon, 03/17/2008 - 10:52
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Hi Rudy,

I was looking into this a while back, I am running a Windows base CCM 4.1.3 cluster and I bough the iMIC USB Audio Interface from Griffin Technology (take a look at the link below) but I ended up not to do it. I found that with Fixed audio source, if you have multiple CCM servers in the cluster and you have IP phones register to different servers then the fixed audio source has to be on every server in the cluster. That means a USB device for each server. That is because the fixed audio source does replicate across the cluster. For example: if you installed/configured fixed audio source on CCM A then only phones registered to CCM A can use it.

Hope that helps !!


mciarfello Mon, 03/17/2008 - 18:35
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Haven't tried it, but how about re-arranging your MRGs and MRGLs so that only one MoH server (the one with the USB sound card) is in each MRG. Then assign that MRG to your MRGLs.

This way, all MRGLs end up getting MoH from one Moh Server object in turn from the live audio source.

If you are worried about running out of streams, turn on multicast MoH. Looks like max 250 streams for 7825 and 500 for 35/45. I'm sure that max depends on server load, etc. Read the SRND

The SRND mentions the MOH-USB-AUDIO= cisco part number for their USB sound card. I've seen other compatible ones for CCM4.1.

And as the original question is seeking, the SRND also tells you to copy each Moh file to each (MCS) server serving Moh, but doesn't say anything about fixed audio source (thanks--unclear documentation)

Your choices will depend on your CCM design and the number of phones in your cluster. SRND says typical 2% users placed on hold. Check the performance counters for your enviroment.

Mike Reilly Mon, 03/17/2008 - 20:35
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With CUCM 6.1 you can only have 1 fixed audio source per cluster (source number 51).

"For each cluster, you may define up to 50 audio sources from files as well as one fixed audio source."

From page 25-13 of this doc.

I interpret this to mean that if your live audio source server happens to meltdown that you'll be swapping the USB sound card from one box to the next.

gogasca Wed, 03/19/2008 - 00:17
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Basically if Phone B is using MOH server B, ccm will instruct to go and use Fixed Audio source 51, when Phone B tries to access that option and MOH server B doesnt have the USB it will get silence...

rudyfaber Sat, 03/22/2008 - 10:42
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I wanted to let everyone know that after upgrading to 6.1.1 the issue was solved. My original configuration did not change. This must have been an issue with software.



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