Calls to IP IVR ports dropped

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Mar 17th, 2008

Hi All,

I have just built an IP IVR 5.0 with the following config:

1. 5 IP IVR Ports, DN from 12101 to 12105

2. IP IVR Application running the Auto Atendant (aa.aef) Script and Trigger DN 31659.

I have checked the configurations multiple times and i am quite confident that everything is set up correcty.

I have also verified on the Call Manager and I can confirm that the IVR Ports and Route Point are registered and associated with the IPIVR User.

However, when I call the Application Trigger Number 31659 I could not get the application working. All I get is a long busy tone.

I did run the Script Reactive Debug and I can get to the IVR Ports okay. However as soon as I go to the Accept Node, the call gets disconnected.

Also, from the Log I found the following error:

CallCtlConnFailed, Inbound call, callctl cause:107, [12105:/(P1-IVRUser2_1) GCID=(3,210464)->ACTIVE]->FAILED

however i don't know what that means.

Does anyone know what the error message is and also how to fix it?



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Riccardo Bua Tue, 03/18/2008 - 06:18

Hi Erwin,

are you using CSS/Locations? Most common cause for this issue is the GW partition is not seen by the CTI Port or it is not in the same CSS.

If this is not the case, you will need CUCM SDI/SDL and JTAPI logs from the IVR to troubleshoot this further.



erwin.stevanus Wed, 03/19/2008 - 16:48

Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for the recommendation but i don't think that's the issue.

I'v turned on the jtapi log and i can see that the call was actually accepted by the cti port (12104)

14996: Mar 20 10:21:26.687 EST %JTAPI-CTI-7-UNK:(P1-IVRUser2_1){Line:IVR2_12104:12104:PT_InboundTranslation:(3,6742)|Call:[GCID=(220655/3),CID=66668307]} CallStateChanged [ state=ACCEPTED cause=NOERROR destType=EXTERNAL destCM=3 fwdDestination=null

However, it was then disconnected due to RESOURCESNAVAIL reason which I don't know what that is.

15038: Mar 20 10:21:26.718 EST %JTAPI-CTI-7-UNK:(P1-IVRUser2_1){Line:IVR2_12104:12104:PT_InboundTranslation:(3,6742)|Call:[GCID=(220655/3),CID=66668307]} CallStateChanged [ state=DISCONNECTED cause=RESOURCESNAVAIL destType=EXTERNAL destCM=

15040: Mar 20 10:21:26.718 EST %JTAPI-JTAPIIMPL-7-UNK:{(P1-IVRUser2_1) GCID=(3,220655)->ACTIVE} CallManager.processCallStateChange: Handling STATE_DISCONNECTED for 12104:PT_InboundTranslation Cause: Other: 107

15041: Mar 20 10:21:26.718 EST %JTAPI-JTAPI-7-UNK:(P1-IVRUser2_1) 220655/3 ConnFailedEv 12104:PT_InboundTranslation [#425] Cause:107 CallCtlCause:0 CiscoCause:47 CiscoFeatureReason:12

15042: Mar 20 10:21:26.718 EST %JTAPI-JTAPI-7-UNK:(P1-IVRUser2_1)[(P1- EventThread][S0/SU1/DS1-0@MC] Request: getCallingTerminal()

15043: Mar 20 10:21:26.718 EST %JTAPI-JTAPI-7-UNK:(P1-IVRUser2_1) 220655/3 CallCtlConnFailedEv 12104:PT_InboundTranslation [#426] Cause:107 CallCtlCause:0 CiscoCause:47 CiscoFeatureReason:12

15044: Mar 20 10:21:26.718 EST %JTAPI-JTAPIIMPL-7-UNK:(P1-IVRUser2_1) GCID=(3,220655)->ACTIVECallManager.deliverEvents: deliver 2 events with METACODE 129

Do you know what those error codes mean?



Riccardo Bua Thu, 03/20/2008 - 03:10

Hi Erwin,

you need to track that GCID in the CCM SDL traces, error is not specific it might even be a phone unregistering.



erwin.stevanus Tue, 03/25/2008 - 21:11

Hi Riccardo,

Just want to let you know that I have fixed the issue.

The problem is caused by codec mismatch between the CM and IPIVR. The CM phones on the Call Manager are using G.729 codec whereas the IP IVR is using the G.711 codec. Hence the calls dropped.

I've changed the IP IVR codec to G.729 and it works okay now.

However, Now I need to convert my prompts to G.729 format. Do you know how to do that?



Riccardo Bua Wed, 03/26/2008 - 02:06

Hi Erwin,

if you want professional results you need to go for a studio, for normal ones you could try the Voice Recorder included in Windows.

To Change the codec in use by the IPIVR on most of the releases you are forced to rerun setup.

Hope this addresses all your questions.



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