CCIE: Invitation Letter (Entrance Visa)

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Mar 18th, 2008

please, i want to take my CCIE lab. i live in cameroon, so to obtain a visa for a country such as USA or other country for LAB, is very difficult. i want to know who give Invitation Letter (Entrance Visa) and if it can help me to easily obtain a visa .

in this case, what is the duration of this visa

3 month, 4 month ....

please help me, i want to take my CCIE LAB R&S in the next year.

I have this problem too.
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rodmont74 Tue, 03/18/2008 - 15:02

Hi, congratulations on your CCIE exam!! You should be able to do it in Sao Paulo's Cisco office. Prices should be same USD1,450.00 if I am not wrong. Visa for Cameroun is probably not needed but you'd better check out with our embassy. Usually Brazil takes a reciprocity policy, so if your country does not requires a Visa for brazilian visitors mine won't require you a visa. Checking my embassy

I can see you need a visa to enter in Brazil for touring but maybe it's easier and cheaper than US.

Good luck on your exam!

Danilo Dy Tue, 03/18/2008 - 23:41

Take note that visa doesn't guarantee entry, the host country "may" still deny you entry when you reach there. So make sure that you read the host country's policies for visitors, but it is still up to the immigration officer and or customs officer. I think in other country they have new policies about opening your laptop, so better watch what you donwload and install in your laptop. Some people wear "good luck" charm, make sure that if you have "good luck" charm it is not offensive to the host country or not against any aviation security policy. Watch what you wear as well, some passengers has been denied boarding the plane because of the way they dress. This are all in the news...

Oh, if you ever get thru, be prepare to overcome communication barriers. Also watch crossing the streets, if in your country you always look at your right shoulder before crossing the streets, you may have to look at your left shoulder before crossing the streets in the host country :)


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