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Mar 20th, 2008


This forum is full CCIE advice old and new but I have to ask anyway. I got my CCNP about a year ago and I feel like I'm rested and ready for the next step to CCIE R&S.

Currently I have all my NP books, TCPVol 1 and 2, and a copy of Internet Routing Arch. What else are you guys using to study besides the these books and the Cisco site? I've used Boson test questions in the past but is there anything real out there for the CCIE R&S as far as practice questions? I'm looking for something valuable here....no Testking cheating please.



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jcrussell Thu, 03/20/2008 - 08:30

Those are definitely the staple books for the R/S CCIE. They released the Exam Certification Guide for the newest exam back in October, so that might be worth picking up too. MPLS and IPv6 are now covered on the written exam too. IPv6 is covered in TCP/IP Vol 2, so I would look at maybe the Cisco Press MPLS Fundamentals book for the MPLS part. I used that book to help pass the BGP/MPLS combined exam.

I never really did any practice questions. Just read and re-read until I felt ready. So I can't help you there.

Good luck!

jim_berlow Fri, 03/21/2008 - 16:48

Hey Mike,

It sounds like you are ready to tackle this beast (well rested is a very good thing). Your books are all great starts - did you read the TCP vol I and II cover-to-cover for the CCNP? If you did - that is good. If not, I would say plan on reading those books again.

FIRST thing to do - print out the current blueprint and start a network journal. Mark that blueprint up and cover all the technologies on it. Especially be careful of those "general" network concepts - like exactly how tcp/ip works (the various flags, 3 way handshake, etc - basic stuff you covered back in the CCNA). The CCIE exam is a completely different animal than the CCNA / CCNP exams (even a different feel to the questions).

Oh - one other very important thing I recommend. TAKE YOUR TIME on the written. Do all the reading / studying you can before you pass the exam. Why? Because once you pass the written, it starts a timer where you HAVE to take the lab within 18 months or start over. I guess what I am saying is that you don't want to be blowing your precious lab time reading books that you could or should have read during the written (I speak of my own mistake here - I ran out of time and a year and a half later had to retake the written). That was a major setback to my lab studies (and cost me nearly a year).

Anyhow, good luck on this journey and try to enjoy it. Its not the certification that makes a CCIE, it is the journey to the CCIE.


jim_berlow Fri, 03/21/2008 - 16:57

I just realized that I totally missed your question on practice exams. I used Boson for my own studies, but I'll be honest they did not help me at all. The questions had me concentrating on the wrong topics, maybe there are better Boson's out there but that was my experience with the product. I know that there are the CCIE flash cards available for purchase, but I can't comment on how helpful they are (I haven't used them).

For the CCIE exams, you'll never feel 100% ready to take the exam. Once you have covered the blueprint, I suggest just take the plunge and just find out how close you are. Like I mentioned in the other post, the CCIE is a totally different animal than the CCNx exams.

Good Luck,



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