Ginger Dillon Mon, 03/24/2008 - 14:23

Hi -

Here's why we are not considering this feature currently, from the Unity 5.x Security guide - "Enabling secure messaging only for certain subscribers may make system administration, troubleshooting, and training more labor-intensive than when the feature is enabled for all subscribers." Our County went through an email encryption product acquisition a year ago. Most customer departments decided not to implement it, for one big reason, its cost per mailbox. Some departments are implementing it just for those employees that routinely send email to the Internet that contains sensitive, financial, or HIPAA related content. We do not want to implement Unity secure voice messaging for all users at this time. We also need to be at version 5.x, since the ViewMail 4.2 does not encrypt voice messages ... you need to use the TUI conversation to send Secure messages. Most of our users use ViewMail for Outlook instead of the TUI to send voice messages or just call the user and let the phone roll to voicemail. We may reconsider it at a later date.


Tommer Catlin Mon, 03/24/2008 - 14:53

Thanks Ginger! I have a client that want to know the pros/cons about it. The CEO would like to send a voicemail to VP and it being encrypt. But the problem is that the VP has delegate rights in Outlook of his inbox to his secretary. So this is where it's a little tough to enforce secure messaging. She could pontentially hear the voicemail from the CEO. Of course there is ways around this, like a second number on his phone only for secure voicemails from CEO. (training provided and an understanding how it works, etc)

Cost is not an issue since they are dealing with sensitive data.


Ginger Dillon Thu, 03/27/2008 - 21:06

Hi -

I checked out the 5.0 secured messaging restrictions and this might work, with the caveat that the VP doesn't need the voice message in the inbox for playback from phone TUI ... create an inbox rule to move the voice message to a different folder that does not have delegated rights by the secretary. Or you could assign that second DN as you mentioned and then create a voicemail only inbox for checking these secured voice messages.



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