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Hi there,

I'm in plans to get certified with Cisco, CCNA, CCNP and if so CCIE, but I don't find what are the benefits I get directly from Cisco.

I'm not talking about the future careers I could apply for, but mainly, will I have access to the downloads sections (recently closed), will I have my name posted somewhere, will I have access to additional resources to increase my knowledge, will I have a custom logo to use, etc, etc....


I have this problem too.
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jcrussell Mon, 03/24/2008 - 08:53

You will not get access to downloads. You need a valid SmartNet contract to download stuff. You will not get access to additional learning resources (such as the PEC). You will get a standard logo that you can use on your business card, website, etc. Your name will not posted anywhere. If you get an A-level or P-level cert, then you can publish your credentials via a link so that others can verify them. If you get a CCIE, then someone can take your name and number and look them up in the CCIE verification tool.

svermill Mon, 03/24/2008 - 09:15

Hehe. Now James, don't forget that the CCIE earns you the right to log into the CCIE store and purchase some expensive logo apparel!

Seriously Carlos...look at the certs as a structured learning process and little, if anything, more. The CCIE will (for the time being) make you attractive to some channel partners who are in the hunt for Silver or Gold status, but the direct benefits are otherwise largely myth.

I'm presently pursuing the SP track right now merely as a structured approach to learning MPLS more deeply.

Now as for downloads, etc...

What are you using at home in terms of a router? I bought a new c877 last summer to serve as a border router for my home office and the SmartNet on it is reasonably priced (under $100/yr, IIRC). Also, if you incorporate a business, you can register as a channel partner (you'll need a DUNS number and a few other things, so a Sole Proprietorship is not likely to cut it). You need to own or work for a registered partner to get access to the additional training resources. But under either of those circumstances, it really doesn't matter whether or not you're certified...

jcrussell Mon, 03/24/2008 - 09:28

LOL, Scott. I forgot about the $60 Nike golf shirts. One of the local Cisco guys bought my leather jacket for me, so I guess I thought all that stuff was free! :-)

Lol. I also bought the 876 for my home last year, would you be kindly to send me the last adv ip serv IOS version...?

Now, seriously, I work for a company (not related to Cisco) but if I was an independent it would be nice to have more from Cisco. Not only would increase my will to go further (in certification) but also would feel "like" being part of Cisco family.... :D

I'll proceed with my certification career (that Cisco doesn't care) and sell my Cisco ID to any of those corporations looking for Silver and Gold status. Ummhh.. Let's say, $500??

I know that smartnet are at affordable prices, but the certification(training) process aren't, it would be a plus (for example) to get fully unlimited downloads at cisco downloads section. I don't know why not. (Despite of all this talk about the downloads, that's not my primary objective in order to get certified, I just love Cisco in all manners!)

jcrussell Mon, 03/24/2008 - 10:13

So why exactly are you planning to get Cisco certifications? I must be missing something. Your initial post makes it seem like you just want downloads and training materials. Surely you are looking to advance your career, get a raise, etc, right?

And training for the CCNA and CCNP can be cheap. I just bought some books and used some old equipment at work. Cost? About $200. CCIE was more expensive, but once I took the new job after getting it, the first paycheck made up what I spent on training for the lab. ;)

In my case career. But I came from Microsoft training offers and comparing to Cisco they are much much better... If I was just a newbie looking for a initial career in Networking (Cisco), Programming (Microsoft) or System Admin (Microsoft), the last two would be my choice comparing both companies propaganda, offers/online tools to those who get certified...

I don't want to discuss more related to this subject, I got the picture! Thanks to all replies!


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