Inter-facility Data Center Design

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We currently have 3 buildings within our North Camputs environment. Bldg 4, Bldg 5, and Bldg 6. Bldg 6 is our primary core facility. We are in the process of bringing up a new Bldg 7 and we will have Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities in the Data Center at the new building. I am placing in the Data Ctr at 7 2 6503s for the core. I am running HSRP between the two, and the routing protocol used will be EIGRP to advertise with the neighboring buildings. I am trying to determine from a design perspective if I need to place an inter-connect etherchannel between the two 6503 core devices. Due to the fact that this data center is not labeled as the core, I don't suspect that I need to have the interconnect. I have redundant etherchannels already built between the new bldg and the core location for failover. Any thoughts?

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