newbie to wireless help reading aironet 1230G

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Mar 27th, 2008

hi i am new to wireless . i have cisco aironet ap 1230G. i want to know does this ap support having dual radios by which i can use this as ap to clients as well use as a bridge talking to a another ap.

anyone on the same would be great.



I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Thu, 03/27/2008 - 11:06

Hi Sushil,

The AP you are referring to can be modified to add an "A" Radio. Then you could configure the two radios (B/G and A) to perform the differing functions;

Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Access Point Hardware Installation Guide,

Upgrading the 5-GHz Radio Module

Link-Role Flexibility

Autonomous access points can function as an access point or bridge, whether set up as a single-band or dual-band platform, allowing each radio to be individually configured as an access point repeater, root bridge, non-root bridge, or workgroup bridge, enabling a broad array of applications.

Hope this helps!


sushilmenon Thu, 03/27/2008 - 12:24

hi mate thanks a lot for ur reply. u mean to sa i can do the thing i was asking right without buying any radio module for the same.

so i should configure one radio on b/g and other radio as a right . then i should be able to use it right.

pls confirm on the same.



sushilmenon Thu, 03/27/2008 - 13:01

hi mate i checked on my acces point. it;s a 1231 access point model.

and in the interface tab i can see the ethernet interface and the radio0 interface . and it also says radio 1 not installed.

does it mean i will have to buy a seperate radio1 for using both the functions of access-point and bridge at the same time.

can u pls help me on this.

waiting for ur reply.



rob.huffman Thu, 03/27/2008 - 13:14

Hi Sushil,

Yes, sorry my first reference was not very clear. Your 1231 only has a b/g radio so the link I sent shows how to add the newly purchased "A" radio module (as nicely noted by Chris). Then you will be able to set things up the way you want :)

Hope this helps!


rob.huffman Thu, 03/27/2008 - 15:49

Hi Sushil,

You can order the "A" Radio seperately. Here are the two part numbers. One is an Integrated Antenna and one has Dual connectors for use with External Antennas;

Integrated diversity antennas.


Regulatory domains: (x = regulatory domain)

• A = FCC

• C = China

• E = ETSI

• I = Israel

• J = Japan

• K = Korea

• N = North America (excluding FCC)

• P = Japan2

• S = Singapore

• T = Taiwan

Dual RP-TNC connectors. Antennas sold separately.


Hope this helps!


sushilmenon Sat, 03/29/2008 - 13:13

hi rob thanks for ur help and ur support mate.

mate i would like to ask u one thing.

i read in the cisco doc we can also use the access-point a root or non-root bridge with clients.

for using the access-point as above do i still need 2 radio;s on the access-point .

can u help me on this

thanks a lot mate.



rob.huffman Sat, 03/29/2008 - 16:09

Hi Sushil,

You are most welcome :) If you wanted to setup a Root-Bridge with clients you would really want the two radios. For example you can use the A radio for Bridging and the b/g radio for client connections;

Set the Non-Root with this config ***Non-Root Bridge with Wireless clients***;

Q. What devices can associate with a bridge?

A. Root Bridge:

Accepts associations and communications with non-root bridge devices and clients.

Does not communicate with other root bridge devices.

Communicates with multiple non-root bridge devices.

Non-Root Bridge:

Can associate and communicate with root devices or clients.

Does not communicate with other non-root devices, unless the other non-root devices communicates with the root bridge.

Note: Both the root bridge and the non-root bridge will service clients only if the role in the radio network Root Bridge with Wireless Clients or ***Non-Root Bridge with Wireless clients*** is supported by the bridge and is enabled.

Nice Step by Step;

Hope this helps!


sushilmenon Sat, 03/29/2008 - 16:18

hi rob thanks a lot man for ur detailed explaination man.

mate can u pls tell me when we can have bridges support having clients connected to them is there any benfit of clients connecting to pure access-points.

i mean is there any different in that. or is that when the bridge is supporting clients one of it;s radio is working as a access-point and other as bridge.

pls help me understand this.

thanks a lot once again.




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