Configuring Live-Record, getting busy signal

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I am following this URL as a configuration reference:

I have configured an extension in my CME that CFA to my Live-Record pilot number. Configuration below:


ephone-dn 143

number 2600

label Live Record

description Live Record

name Live Record

call-forward all 2601


I have configured 2601 as my Live-Record Pilot number:


voicemail live-record beep duration 0

voicemail live-record pilot-number 2601


When I "show voicemail live-record", I can see it is enabled.

rt-cme-unity# show voicemail live-record

Status: enabled

Pilot number: 2601

Conversation beep settings

Beep Duration: disabled

Beep Interval: 15 seconds


When I am talking to another CME extension, I attempt to conference in "2600" and get a busy signal. The URL I am referencing state a possible error condition is:

The following error conditions can occur for subscribers using live-record:

•No Ports Available - Busy tone plays to the caller

As I am receiving a busy tone, I suspect this is my "error". But, I'm not certain why I would have no ports available. My CME only has 3 users configured on it, and the two people trying to use the LiveRecord are the ONLY users actively using the phone(s) at the time.

What am I missing here?

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